About us

The great possibility offered by the internet and the love for our city gave us the inspiration to create this web site. Describing Rome using pictures and short texts is our goal, we can give some suggestions, but it isn't our intention to create an on-line guide of Rome.

We hope to create an easy to use, picturesque and informative web site. In addition we are hoping to transform our hobby (web sites and computer graphic) into a profession.

Me and my nephew Iacopo

Web Master

Fabio F. I was born in Rome on 1967. I attended the Graphic and Print School on 1986. My hobby is graphics and photography. I also like to show Rome to my friends around the world and learn something about their countries. I created this site where I work as web master and photographer.

email: fabio@romeye.it

Advanced Graphic

Davide B. I was born in Rome on 1968. I enjoy Computer Graphics. I realized my dream in 1993 and transformed my hobby into a business.
Now I am self employed and the owner of "ICS-MEDIA graphic studio of Rome".

email: davide@romeye.it

Special thanks to:

Maurizio M.
(Spanish trasnlations)

Alessio De Silvestro
(Public Relations)

Debbie Willis
(USA delegate)

Roberto S.
(English translation)