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Automobile: Driving is discouraged. Rome is a labyrinth of streets where it is very difficult to navigate (even for locals). Access to the historical center is limited only to authorized personnel only (Police, emergency, resident of the historical center). Parking is also a major problem.
Bus (urban lines): To visit the historical center the bus is a valid alternative to the subway. The J2, J3, J4... etc. lines have been created for the Jubilee of 2000, and they are reserved for the visitors. The normal city bus passes are not valid on these lines, so the Romans cannot use them. They are always vacant (also very expensive...). The line 110 offers a particular service: with a ticket of 15.000 lire this bus will take you for a 2 hour tour around the city and stopping in the most beautiful places. There is a tour guide who explains the various monuments. All the tickets (110, J2 or normal lines) can be purchased in "tabaccheria" (tobacco shop) before departure.
Subway: 2 lines, line A (red-orange) and line B (blue). The quickest and easiest way to enjoy Rome. Most major attractions can be accessed easily by riding the underground (subway). A description of the stops of the subway and the attractions have been inserted in a special page. The tickets may be purchased underground, in "tabaccheria" or in the news stands shops. There are daily, weekly and monthly tickets.
Scooter: If you have the right spirit, you can rent a scooter. Rome is overrun by these two-wheeled machines. It's now a common site to see, side by side, a 14 year-old boy and 60 year-old gentlemen stopped at a traffic light. To find a rent a scooter in the historical center is very simple. The scooter resolves the problems of the traffic and the parking, but unfortunately you will still have a problem finding your way around the city.

(Rita B.)

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